The Netgroup hires (Danish proficiency necessary)!

Sunday 27 December 2015, 21:30

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All office hours in GH-basement cancelled next week (week 50) until further notice!

Friday 04 December 2015, 18:27

Due to a computer security incident, the secretariat, Netgroup and complaint’s committee, will be closed in week 50 or until further notice!

This is because the Netgroup needs to buy new equipment, update and install this. Until then no computers are available and thus the 3 office’s can’t work. The secretariat and complaint’s committee additionally won’t be able to answer e-mails.
For handing in study activity forms (and other forms), please use the designated mailbox in the GH-basement and they will be processed at first possible occassion!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Exam period

Tuesday 07 December 2010, 14:11

Most of December an January are exam period for most people living here and therefore you are asked to show consideration against those people who needs it.

Love your neighbour as yourself :-)

(Danish) Varslinger angående rensning af ventilation

Thursday 09 September 2010, 07:23


Tuesday 15 June 2010, 19:18

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Christmas closed in the secretariat

Thursday 17 December 2009, 20:33

The opening hours in the secretariat are the following: open December 29th, closed December 22nd, 24th og 31st.

There will be normal opening hours again from January 5th.

No hot water in the morning

Monday 01 June 2009, 08:40

Good Morning

We don’t have any hot water this morning,
because of a faulty heat pump in the boiler room
The problem has been solved and the hot water should return,
as fast as the boilers can heat up 5000 L of water.

To you from the head of the board and Lars Kaj