Bike cleanup: Remember to tag bike trailers, scooters etc.

Thursday 09 April 2015, 08:51

Every resident has now been informed in due time about the bike cleanup Sunday 10/5-2015 at 10:00.

We would however like to remind you, that all the equipment standing in or around the bike racks (e.g. bike trailers, scooters, pushcarts etc.) should also be tagged with cable ties!
Our goal is to make the dorm look less messy and create space for all the resident’s bikes in the racks!

Remember that extra red cable ties, can be picked up at Lars Kaj’s office.

We welcome you to lend a hand for a couple of hours at the day. There will be food and drinks for all helpers!

Bicycle clear-out & Operation Green Residence

Sunday 05 April 2009, 07:24

To all residents:

It is now time for a

Bicycle clear-out & Operation Green Residence

To make it extra easy, we have decided just like last year, to do both things on the same day. So if you feel like doing a good deed, or have you notice the garbage lying around at the residence? So make an effort to make our environment cleaner to live in, and get rid of unused bicycles. Show up at the lawn in front of the laundry

Sunday June 7th at 10 o’clock

and help us make our residence a nicer place to live. From here, we will go around on the residence green areas, and get rid of garbage and unused bicycles. The more people, the better.

Remember: Before the actual day, you will receive a plastic strip in your letter box. You must strap the strip to the seat pin of your bicycle, or the bicycle will be removed. No strip, No bicycle.

The Resident Council