The high rate of infection has led to several measures being introduced in our municipality. We have had several infected residents at the dormitory who have been quarantined so that we can stop the spread of infection. Unfortunately, we still see that some residents are not following the guidelines of the National Board of Health. KAB and the residents’ council encourage all residents to follow the guidelines for dormitories sent by email and thereby postpone social events (birthday parties, Christmas lunches, food clubs, TDC etc.) at a later date.

In addition, the residents’ council encourages all dormitory hallways to hold kitchen meetings online and discuss plans regarding cleaning, spraying and spacing in the kitchens. Parties, Christmas lunches and outside guests should be kept to a minimum and with the guidelines in mind.

Reducing the risk

This is done in dormitory to get rid of the infection:

Clubs, the Basement Café and social activities

The high infection rate in the municipality has led to new restrictions, which were announced at the beginning of December 2020. This has meant that KAB and Nybrogård Kollegiet’s residents’ council has decided to close all indoor clubs and activities at the dormitory.

The temporary closed clubs include: the exercise club, the board game club, the design club, the film club, the music club and the Kældercafé.

The high pressure of infection has also meant that residents’ council and residents’ meetings will be held online.

The superintendent, the administrative secretary, the net group and the complaints board

It has been decided by KAB that all employees at the dormitory must work without physical contact with the residents. Contact to these employees must therefore take place via e-mail or telephone. Employees will then respond within normal working hours, which can be found on the website.

This means that it is not possible for the superintendent to perform tasks and repairs on inhabited rooms and apartments during this period. In acute cases, however, exceptions can be made. In these cases, write or call the superintendent.

In the event of a positive test

If you have tested positive, please contact the superintendent by e-mail or telephone so that quarantine and extra cleaning can be planned. This is also to take care of the staff at the dormitory.

Please help each other with the delivery of food so that the infected person only has to move out of their room or apartment to a limited extent.

If you have been in close contact with the positive, refer to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s guidelines “For you who are in close contact with a person infected with the new Coronavirus” (in Danish). We encourage everyone who has been in close contact to self-isolate until you have had two negative Corona tests.

If you have mild or no symptoms but have tested positive and do not have the opportunity to self-insulate e.g. in the apartments, you can contact Gladsaxe municipality and thereby be granted a free isolation stay. Read more about this on the municipality’s website.

If a hallway or apartment in quarantine lacks protective equipment, alcohol and cloths, please contact the superintendent.

If you have any questions, please contact the superintendent ( or the residents’ council chairman (

Many thanks to our superintendent and staff who take care of us all in this difficult time.

Warm regards,
The Residents’ Council

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