Bicycle shed

CykelskurThere are three bicycle sheds. They are placed near the parking places AB, GH and JK. The janitor holds the keys to the sheds. To access the sheds you must pay a deposit on 100 DKK in cash to the janitor. Clear-out and removing old bicycles will be notified in advance, but it is recommended that you in everyday use help to make room for all. In the summer an annually bicycle clear-out day takes place. Here voluntary residents help to clear out and remove abandoned bicycles.

Please note that the locks on the bicycle sheds were changed on May 1st 2010. If you have a key from before this date you must therefore  to go to the janitor and get a new one. Please also note that the deposit increased from 50 kr. to 100 kr. on this date.


VaskeriThe dormitory holds a modern, moneyless laundry containing 10 washing machines and 4 tumble dryers. The laundry will be paid together with the rent through a special resident card that is handed out by the janitor.

The machines can be booked directly on the machines or on the internet at the address http://vask1.nybro.dk/

Do you have any problems with the laundry, your resident card or access to any clubs that use the resident card? Then contact the janitor or the club chairmen of the clubs concerned.


TrailereThe dormitory holds two trailers, which are possible for the residents to borrow for a deposit on 200 DKK as well as identification (picture, name and room number).

The oldest trailer is 202 cm long, 127 cm wide and has 40 cm high sides. It carries 325 kg and its total weight is 500 kg.

The newest trailer is 203 cm long, 116 cm wide and has 40 cm high sides. It carries 325 kg and its total weight is 500 kg.

If you want to borrow the trailer, you must go to the janitor, who deals with booking and borrowing the trailers. If something on the trailer breaks, it has a comprehensive insurance. However, the borrower must pay the excess. Of course damages due to abrasive degradation are free of charge. If the borrower were to lose the key, some or all the deposit will be called in.

Handcart (“hand trailer”)

There are are handcarts available around the dormitory. The carts are locked to the wall with a padlock. The key to your room will fit. Please let the padlocks hang on the wall.

When the cart is returned, then please park it as close to the wall as possible, so it is least possible in the way.

Remember to park then cart where you took it, or it might get stolen.


Borrow a chair – or two.

The dormitory has approximately 80 chairs which residents can borrow. There are also some tables in the AB basement.

Here’s what you need to do to borrow chairs:

Stig Staghøj, S05

Draft beer equipment and accessories

Are you going to have a major or minor party?
Would you like to offer something cold?

Then you are lucky that dormitory has a draft beer dispenser that you can borrow freely.
There are no restrictions on the type of beer or other beverage you serve from the dispenser,
but you will always be able to buy beer or other beverage delivered from Carlsberg here at the dormitory.
If you want to serve other items, then you will be responsible for purchasing and returning.

The system consists of a cooler with two taps, this is connected to 230 V and filled plain tap water.
To get the best out of the system, connect it 4 hours prior to use or before.
The more ice in the cooler, the cooler beverage is over a longer period.
For instructions on using the system, see Contact.

If you want to arrange the purchase of beer and the like, then please feel free to contact me,
However, at least 14 days before the event to be held.
Then I will help with purchases from Carlsberg and setting up the equipment.

Besides a draft beer dispenser you can also borrow Party lights and other party equipment. Ask when contacting.

*) See price and deposit.

Price and deposit

Deposit for loan of the equipment: 500 kr.
Repayable when the equipment is returned in the same condition and not broken.

Use of carbon dioxide gas and water treatment plant for use: 100 kr per rent, assuming there is no overuse of gas due to improper use.

Deposit for loan of other equipment: 200 kr.
Can be part of a total deposit of 600 when loaning the draft beer dispenser at the same time.
Repayable in the event that the borrowed items are returned in the same condition and not broken.


Mikkel Ørum Wahlgreen, J21, Phone: 4521 (Leave a message on the answering machine with phone number)


Look under the menu item Internet.

Telephone system

All dormitory rooms and apartments have a fixed-line telephone number, which can’t be changed (and therefore will be inherited by the next resident). Telephone system guiding as well as prices can be found here.


Look under the menu item TV/Antenna.


There is a large variety of clubs at the dormitory. For example Kajaks, boardgames, musicroom and a gym. You can learn more here.