Parking of car and other motorized vehicles

Carparking at the Nybrogård dormitory is possible at the five parking areas.

It is recommend that all long term parking is done at the least used areas, going from the top of the list and down.
All ramps most not be used for parking, due to fire escape routes. The trails between the parking areas and trails inside the gates are also fire escape routes. It is not allowed to drive on the inside of the gates and behind the Varmecentralen. Only exception is if a delivery or service ordered by the dormitory have been planed. Moving Cars and unloading / reloading of removal vans are not permitted in these areas.

Parking permits and guests

On the dorm, we have an agreement with COPARK. To be able to park you must sign up via this link. As a resident, you got unlimited parking, and if needed, you can register multiple cars.If you have guests in cars coming over, you must register them via the COPARK-app.

Rules about foreign registered cars in Denmark

When a foreign car is introduced in Denmark, the following rules apply: (This is an external link, that might change without our knowledge) It say that all cars from foreign countries must be registered within 14 days from introduction to the country or to apply for exemption from TAX.

Rules about non registered cars

According to the Road Traffic Act (færdselsloven) §123, the police can remove these vehicles, if noticed. The owner will be given a warning. Also on our parking areas with public access.

Parking of bikes

Bicycles may be parked in the bike sheds and in / near the bike racks. Mopeds and scooters must also be parked in the bicycle racks and bike sheds.
Failure to comply may result in removing without notice.