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Many may not know it, but at Nybrogård we have access to a tiny room in the D-basement, from which the smells of malts and hops frequently ooze… Beer is being brewed! If you’re also tired of drinking boring, mass produced pilsners, care about good ales, and want to try making something delicious yourself — then the brewing club is definately for you! Welcome to the palatable page!


The brewing room contains all the necessary equipment to brew beer, cider, wine, etc. in batches of approximately 20 litres. The equipment includes, but is not limited to:


At the moment, the brewing room is frequently in use by the members of the club. Exchange of experiences and practical coordination all takes place in the clubs internal facebook group. The more brewers, the better we can learn from each others’ experiences, and in homebrewing, experience is everything!

The use of the equipment, and especially the technical details surrounding the process of brewing beer, has a steep learning curve. Hence, joining the brewing club is not just a matter of gaining access to the room and going nuts. For potential new members, we pose a simple requirement: You must do your homework and read a bit about the process. That way, we can arrange for an existing member of the brewing club to assist you in the brewing of your first batch of ale, while you are in charge of the recipe, etc.


IMG_20130302_144058 IMG_20130302_140709 IMG_20130302_140719
The so-called yeast starter is developing the yeast cells which are added to the chilled wort. It is standing on a DIY homemade stir-plate built from hard drive magnets, a PC fan, a wall wart and a box from Søstrene Grene. The wort is boiling. Bags with hops in the background and a delicious glass of homebrewed ale in the foreground (a must when brewing beer!)


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