Climbing Club

Welcome to Nybrogårds Climbing Club

We are the college’s social forum for climbing enthusiasts, so if you want to meet some of your colleagues with the same interest or if you want to start the sport, you can join Facebook page, our where we post weekly events, etc.
The most used climbing forms in the club:

1. Bouldering: The most common type of climbing in the club. There is no need for equipment or training to joine these. We do our best to have 1 – 2 weekly bouldering days, The times and days can be seen under: ”Weekly Climbing days”.

2. Rope Climbing: We also try to do rope climbing once is a while, although you must finish a course in top roping. In can be good idea to check the rules and requirements at the climbing hall we will vist. Currently, we have members with toprope and lead certifications.

Weekly Climbing Days.

We do bouldering 1-2 times a week at Bison Boulders.. We try to meet up every wednesday at 17:30, however cancellations may happen due to holidays and the summerbreak.
We also do event on saturdays, as there will be lower prises for students and is therefore cheaper for first timers who want to gain interest.
The current meeting times at Bison Boulders are Wednesday 17:30 og Saturday 12:30.