Transport and shopping opportunities

Lyngby Station


Bus route 191 is available from the dormitory to Lyngby station in 9 minutes. In the daytime the bus goes twice an hour, while during the evening hours the bus goes every hour.

By bike the ride is about 2 kilometers and takes roughly 10 minutes.

DTU (Technical University of Denmark)

Public transport to DTU takes about 20 minutes. You may use the bus route 191 to Lyngby Station and then the bus routes 590P, 591P, 353, 190 or 300S directly to DTU.

By bike the ride is about 5 kilometers and takes about 20 minutes.

Shopping opportunities

Netto (Engelsborgsvej 76) is situated about one kilometer from the dormitory. This is a typical well assorted suparmarked.


Other shopping opportunities are on Stengårds Alle (Irma, Fakta), at Lyngby Station (Netto, Fakta Quick, Super Best), at Sorgenfri Station (Netto, Irma) or in Lyngby shopping centre (Føtex).

Moreover the Nybrogård Dormitory has its own kiosk complete with a pizza place.