The Epic Bike Cleanup

Note!! The bike cleanup will take place on Monday, August 26th, 2024.

We organize an annual bike cleanup to make room for the bikes that are actively being used. The cleanup is organized by the Residents’ Council and carried out by a handful of volunteer residents. The bike cleanup will be announced well in advance so that residents who are on exchange programs or similar have the opportunity to act.

This year, the bike cleanup will take place on August 26th 2024. All residents will receive a zip tie in their mailbox during the month of August. The zip tie must be clearly attached to the bike before August 26th 2024. All bikes without a zip tie attached will be removed on August 26th 2024, and later handed over to the lost property office of the Police. Below are answers to some expected questions.

The information will be updated regularly. Any questions regarding the bike cleanup should be directed to Laura, the communications manager, at

I won’t be home in August due to an exchange program, vacation, etc. What should I do?

If you won’t be home in August to receive and attach your zip tie, you can pick up a zip tiefrom the janitor during his opening hours starting in June. The zip tie must be attached before going on vacation if you won’t be home in August.

Where on the bike should my zip tie be attached?

The zip tie should be clear and easy to find. We recommend attaching it to the handlebar or seat post, but the most important thing is that it is visible.