The Board

The Nybrogård Dormitory is an independent institution managed by the Board. Among other responsibilities, the Board ensures that budgets are coherent and that laws and regulations for youth accommodations are adhered to – including the ‘Executive Order on the Organization of Youth Accommodations Constructed with State Support’ (which can be accessed via this link). The Board also makes all major decisions regarding maintenance and upgrades at the dormitory.


Another important function of the Board is to process dispensation requests from residents. If you, for any reason, need a dispensation from the dormitory’s rules, you can apply for dispensation through the dormitory’s secretariat.

The Board does not have office hours but meets at least every three months to process dispensation requests.

The secretariat has the authority to approve dispensation requests for up to three months. Further dispensation must be applied for from the Board, and any applications should be sent to . It is important to include all information relevant to your case. This may include:

It is an absolute requirement for being a resident at the Nybrogård Dormitory that one is enrolled in an education. Therefore, the Board only grants dispensation for extending the lease contract beyond the three-month notice period under special circumstances (e.g., serious illness). Special circumstances do NOT include:

Foreign students are treated on the same terms as Danish students. As a general rule, the board accommodates requests for extension for up to one month, with documented purchase/lease agreements – if necessary to align move-in and move-out dates.


The Board
Nybrogård Kollegiet
Basement H
Nybrovej 304
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