The Board

The Nybrogård Dormitory is an independent institution managed by a Board. You can get an overview of their responsibilities on the diagram here.

The board ensures that the regulations about organizing public subsidized youth residences are observed. You can get the regulation via this link.

The board has no office hours, but meets about twice a month.

Applications for dispensation must be sent to the Secretariat () and will be subject to approval from the Board. Remember to enclose all necessary documentation of your case, this includes:

It is a mandatory requirement to remain a resident at Nybrogård Kollegiet, that you are a student. The Board can only under extraordinary circumstances (e.g. severe illness) grant extension to remain a resident at Nybrogård Kollegiet beyond the three months contract termination notice. Extraordinary circumstances does NOT include:

The Board can accommodate extensions of up to one month in the case of documentation of a signed rental/real estate contract – if this is necessary to make the relocation dates match.


The Board
Nybrogård Kollegiet
Basement H
Nybrovej 304
2800 Kgs. Lyngby