Kitchen accounts

Every hallway on the dorm has a kitchen account which all residents pay 30 kr. monthly towards. The amount is automatically deducted together with the rent monthly and are inserted into the account of NYK, the resident’s association. From here, the amount is paid out to the hallway’s kitchen accountant, whom will have the money available as soon as possible after the start of the month.

Following a vote i the resident’s council, a kitchen accountant shall be registered in order to receive the amount. This is done using this form (PDF) (docx-version). The form shall be filled out and signed by 10 other residents from the hallway as well as being attached with a signed version of the minutes of the kitchen meeting on which the kitchen accountant was elected. The first-time register during the implementation of the system in the summer 2016 is however exempted from providing the minutes of a kitchen meeting.

The signed form shall be mailed to . Hereafter the kitchen accountant is added to the maillist , which can be used as a mean of communication between the kitchen accountants and for the accountant of NYK (the resident’s association) to contact the kitchen accountants. Any errors on the maillist should be reported to the netgroup of the dorm.