The dormitory offers access to the Internet. The network group are all students living at the Nybrogård Dormitory.

The actual connection to the Internet goes through the K-Net association that delivers shared 20 Gbps Internet to most dormitories in Lyngby. We have a direct 1 Gbps line for Nybrogård. You can read more about K-Net on K-Net’s website.

The price for being connected to the dormitory network can be found through this link. We also sell internet cables in lengths of 3, 5, 7 and 10 m. at very competitive prices.


To subscribe to the network you must visit the network administration in their office hours. Here you will be established in the system and receive guidance. Notice that it’s sufficient to write us an e-mail, if you move from one dormitory room to another (see the bottom of this page).

If you for some reason cannot visit the network administration, you can print the registration form yourself following this link, and post it in the post box labeled “secretariat” in the GH block; some printed forms may also be found outside the door in the GH-basement. Note that by signing the registration form you agree to the regulations which can be found by following this link.

Please note that registering by printing yourself will take up to one week (i.e. until office hours the following Monday), since the post box is at minimum emptied during the weekly office hours.

Moving internally on the dorm?

When a residents is moving internally on the dorm, the username will show up in our systems, whereafter we manually can “move” the resident into the new room. The cabled connection in the old room will then be closed and opened in the new room.
Username and password remains unchanged.
There are approx. 2 weeks overlap inbetween move-out/move-in dates and usually we will not administratively move the user until the end of this overlap. Should you wish to have the move done earlier, please contact the netgroup.