Board game club


Welcome to Brættet, Nybrogård’s very own boardgame club! (Located in the CD-basement) To become a member, please pay the modest membership fee of 0,- DKK to your local keybearer and join our Facebook group.

Official game events are held each month, but we strive to meet up and play games casually as often as possible. Time and details are announced on our Facebook group. In this group, you can also find fellow players at Nybrogård, and discuss what and when to play.

We regularly add new games to our collection, where our members help to decide which games are purchased. At the moment, the club has the following  games.

You are always welcome to borrow a key if you want to use the games and facilities of the club. Simply contact one or more of the keybearers by phone or Facebook, and they will respond as quickly as possible:

If you want to be certain to have access for a planned personal event, make sure to write in good time.

The Rules

        1) Common sense