Music Practice Room

The music practice room is located in the basement under the EF kitchens. To use the room you must live at the dormitory and be a member of the music practice room club. It does not cost anything to be a member.

The room contains gear belonging to the room, but also private gear belonging to residents. At the moment there is a drum set, a piano and a practice PA amplifier combined with a mixer which belongs to the room and can be used freely. Privat gear must be marked with labels containing name and room, as well as a remark on whether others may use it (if nothing is statet about this, others may not use it of course).

The room must be left tidy after use.

Reservation of practice hours is done by writing on the paper hanging on the door. You can use the room for four hours at most if someone else is in the queue same day. It is not allowed to practice after 10:00 pm.

The registration form which can be optained from here must be filled and given to the janitor to get access to the room.

Below are a few pictures of the room.