A workshop isn’t worth much if it’s not in order. That’s why we all follow the rules below.

– Common sense. Hang up your tools and clean up after yourself. Feel free to tidy up one extra thing for the person who was there before you and forgot it.

– Bicycles can be left in the workshop as long as they are being worked on and are left without taking up too much space. Fill in a worksheet (on the door) so that the project can be identified as active.

– Use the tools wisely and not for anything other than what it was designed for. A wrench is not a hammer and a straight-head screwdriver does not fit in an Allen key.

– If tools break, the chairman must be contacted so that the tool can be replaced. This is to get new tools purchased as soon as possible and not to hold anyone responsible.

– Borrowing tools, where the tools are removed from the basement, may only be done in agreement with the chairman – otherwise it will be considered theft and reported to the Complaints Board. Brushes and cleaning supplies are an exception, but they must be hung back for the next cyclist to use.

– Turn off the lights and close the door when you have finished cleaning your bike.