Rules of the club


§ 1. The garden group has the Residents’ Meeting at it’s highest authority.

§ 2. Administration:

a) The garden chairman is elected by a simple majority vote in the Garden Group (if more than one applicant).
b) The garden chairman’s task is to coordinate the garden group’s joint activities to the necessary extent. In addition, he / she handles the distribution of plots of land and the registration of applicants for plots of land.
c) The garden chairman may be removed after ordinary votes of no confidence from the members.

§ 3. Members

a) All members of NYK (Kollegianerforeningen) can be admitted to the Garden Group.
b) Everyone who has plots of land and everyone on the waiting list has the right to vote. Each plot of land has one vote. Ie. if your are two people or more on one plot of land, you have one vote together. However, if a member has more than one plot of land, he or she has only one vote.
c) New members apply to the garden chairman, in case of any questions. d) The waiting list must be publicly available in such a way that it must be presented on request. It must be conducted with care, i.e. at least: date of inquiry, name and room / apartment no.
e) New members acquire land by taking over vacant lots, or by taking on uncultivated land.
f) All members must confirm their continued membership in writing for the coming season to the garden chairman before 1 March each year. If this does not happen, the membership of the garden group is considered terminated and you lose your plot of land.
§ 4.  Plots

a) Members are free to cultivate, taking into account the surroundings and the natural paths.
b) The garden chairman distributes the land according to the number of applicants and individual wishes.
c) The graden is mis-kept when a member does not cultivate his land for a season and this does not happen for the sake of the land’s performance.
d) Breaking the rules  withdrawals right of the lot. The decision is made after prior warning at an area meeting, to which all members have been summoned in writing – including by e-mail.
e) The members are recorded by their name and the representative keeps a list of names (and room / apartment no.) of those who have tickets.

§ 5. Tools

a) The tools are the property of NYK, and they must be stored in the appropriate holders. After use, they are returned to the holder to which they belong. Otherwise, they may only be used for the purposes for which they are intended. Damage is reported to the garden chairman, as some of the tools are insured
§ 6. Berry bushes

a) The garden group has a certain number of berry bushes around the dormitory. The berries from these shrubs are at the free disposal of the members of the Garden Group.
§ 7. The garden group lasts as long as there are members.

§ 8. These articles of association replace previous rules for Havegruppen (NT 20 / 11-1977, NT 1 / 4-1993 and NT 1 / 7-2004).

§ 9. These rules or other forms of information are printed in the Nybronøglen for immigrants.