Prices are current from February 2021.

When moving in, the amount is adjusted according to the previous tenant’s actual consumption. The expected amount is automatically adjusted according to the actual consumption at the same time as the cost for the previous heating year (takes place around April / May the following year); there are deductions for rooms with exposed location. If you think that the on account amount is too high, it can be adjusted by contacting KAB’s energy department.
The final cost of electricity and heat will take place when the energy financial year is over. Therefore, when moving, remember to notify KAB, so that they can get in touch with you as a previous tenant.
When moving in, a deposit corresponding to three months’ rent must be paid (rent only).

Single Room

Rent kr. 2,286.00
Approx. Heat kr. 229.00
Approx. Electricity kr. 216.00
TV and IT kr, 14.00
Resident’s Association kr, 30.00
Internet kr, 26.00
Kitchen kr, 30.00
Total kr. 2,831.00
Security Deposit kr. 6,858.00


Rent kr. 4,553.00
Approx. Heat kr. 356.00
Approx. Electricity kr. 336.00
TV and IT kr, 14.00
Resident’s Association kr, 60.00
Internet kr, 26.00
Total kr. 5,345.00
Security Deposit kr. 13,659.00