With average consumption (heat/electricity), the small TV-package, and internet, a room costs on average 2.400 DKK per month.

Specific prices*

(updated 2017-10-22)

A dormitory room costs 1.768 kr. per month, and a two-person apartment costs ca. 3.560 kr. per month (including water).

When moving in a deposit equal to three times the minimal room rent is made.

Besides the rent comes a number of monthly expenses of which some are optional.

Apart from the above, heating and electricity is paid in advance each month:

Average energy consumption of a room:

Average energy consumption of an apartment:

The heating and electricity is paid as advance payments and finally calculated around April/May the following year. Therefore remember to give KAB your new contact information if you are moving out.
If you think your monthly advance payment is too high, it can be lowered by calling KAB. The prices at move-in is based on the previous renter’s consumption.

*Prices are being adjusted every year at the 1st of August.