How to apply

When you have made sure that you meet the general requirements regarding e.g. study activity in order to receive a room or an apartment at Nybrogård, you are to file an application electronically to the dorms administrator KAB, who administrate the waiting list and room nominations. The electronic application system is unfortunately only available in Danish at the moment. If you are having problems, you can contact KAB on the phone number +45 33 63 10 00.

Apply for regular dorm rooms here (click ‘Læg i kurven’ on the page).
Apply for dorm apartments here (click ‘Læg i kurven’ on the page).

Room nomination procedure

Regular dorm rooms are nominated solely in according with the waiting list priciple – the applicants senority on the waiting list is the deciding parameter.

For dorm apartments, the applicants are divided into two different queue-groups – one containing single students with child(ren), and another containing couples with/without child(ren). Nomination of dorm apartments within the two queue-groups follow the waiting list principle where the senority of the applicants is the deciding parameter – however priority is given to the queue-group containing single students with child(ren), so these will be nominated first.

Nominations for a room are sent continuously via the email address you have stated upon application to KAB. If you are assigned a room you will have 10 working days to decide if you will accept it or not. You are to reply electronically via KABs application platform, whether you want the offered dormitory room or not.


Who can apply and when can you apply?

All students following a course of further education approved by the State Education Fond (SU), a basic vocational training, a training of apprentices or a similar education can apply for a room at Nybrogård. Foreign students are taken in on an equal basis with Danish students. Even if you have not yet received a confirmation from your university/place of education or applied for admission, you are able to move in three months before start of your study – you do however need to be at least 18 years old to move in.
It is recommended to apply for admission on the waiting list well in advance. However, you should be aware that the date you give as occupation date is binding.


Apartments are two-person dormitory rooms. On December 8th 2017 apartments have the following criteria for nominations.


Pets are allowed in the rooms, if you ask your neighbors and corridor for permission first. Moreover all pets must be registered at the janitor. Read the house rules to get further information about pets.

House Rules

The Nybrogård Dormitory has a set of house rules and it is up to the residents themselves to know them and keep them at any time. Non-compliance may result in denunciation of the tenancy.