Se her Faciliteter | Nybrogård Kollegiet

The Nybrogård Dormitory offers a series of facilities of which most of them are free, please look here

Internet: 100mb/s internet connection (shared 10 Gb/s connection, 100mb/s per room).

Television: Large and small TV channel packages.

Telephone: Free intern fixed telephony service.

Laundry: 10 washing machines and 4 tumble dryers.

KælderCaféen: Our own cosy bar at the dormitory selling cheap beer/drinks.

Canoes: The dormitory owns several canoes, which can be used free of charge by any of the residants.

Music room: Practice room containing PA-system and instruments.

Kiosk: Local kiosk with study-friendly prices and opening hours.

Bicycle shed: three locked bicycle sheds for at disposal for the residents only.

Things to borrow: Trailer, pushcart and tools.