Termination of lease

To terminate your lease you must do it in writing by filling out a termination form either from the secretariat or from KAB. Please be aware of the following when you terminate your lease:

Termination form

Download a lease termination form (in Danish)

You will receive a termination form with your study control from KAB. The filled out termination from must be turned in to KAB and must always be signed.

In the termination form, you are asked to state your new address. If you cannot inform your new address, you can omit it – however, a 75 kr. fee will then be charged when you move out.

Notice period

According to the lease contract, residents have a 6 weeks notice period when terminating the lease rounded up to the 1st in the month.

For example:

If you on February 28th terminate your lease, the notice period counted 6 weeks ahead will be April 11th and rounded up to the 1st in the month, the termination date will in this case be May 1st. This means that you must pay rent until this termination date even though you have moved out.

In case there are people on the waiting list for your room, it may be possible to rent out the room to a new tenant earlier, if it is desired by you. In those cases, the new tenant will pay the rent, from the time he/she moves into the room. However, please note that there is no guarantee for this. As a main rule, you should count on having to pay the rent for the entire notice period.